7 Warning Symptoms Of Cancer

7 early signsof cancer you should Know


There’s no exact sign or symptom that you have cancer. Check out the following common signs related to cancer.
Undoubtedly we all fear cancer, but different cancers present in different ways, and there’s no single tell-tale sign that you absolutely have cancer.
Here is a list of the most common symptoms and signs of cancer. Keep in mind having any one or all of the following sign doesn’t mean you have cancer, but you have to go and see your doctor as soon as possible to get them checked out.

6Excessive tiredness, fatigue

This can be caused by higher metabolic demands on the body as a result of the high energy needs of cancerous cells. Exhaustion that doesn’t get better with relaxation is a reason for concern. Some cancers like gastrointestinal tract cancers may cause blood loss, which can also cause tiredness.


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