Easy Ways To Get Ripped Six Pack Abs


There’s no secret or sky rocket to developing your six-pack. It seems like everywhere you look these days, you find website, forums, tweeter, Instagram, facebook groups and gurus promising to reveal the next secret or long lost truth to getting six pack abs. While some of these sites are legitimate, most are just trying to sell you something (pdf, CD, course, recipes, …,) to make  passive income.


Achieving flat and ripped abs takes commitment, motivation, workout and careful dietary planning. The single most important useful tool that you need in order to develop your abs is diet. It is responsible for about 90% of your results. If you have a lot of fat to lose, start with a higher calorie deficit so you lose excess fat quicker. Losing fat all over your body, can help your muscles including your abs to appear more.

Look into these nutrition and training tips to discover how you can succeed at your quest for six pack abs:


As we are all humans with basically the same DNA and tissues, we all need protein. Make protein the focus of your diet for ripped abs it is incredibly necessary for getting ripped abs because it’s vital to building lean muscle as well as burn body fat and keeping you full and satiated throughout the day. Choose sources of lean protein such as White Fish, Flank Steak, Eggs, Chicken Breast (1cup=43g protein), Turkey Breast (3oz=26g protein), Cottage Cheese (1cup=25g protein), Low-Fat Greek Yogurt (1cup=17g protein).