Essential Vitamins For Hair Growth


The fact is that hair loss is a compound procedure that involves numerous genetic, hormonal and environmental mechanisms. Sometimes hair loss is due to a vitamin deficiency too. Some vitamins have antioxidant properties that help to fight the extrinsic factors of hair loss, and some vitamins help the body balance hormone levels, another factor that stops hair growth.

Are you tired of looking at super models & celebrities and envying their beautiful and luscious looks? Well, don’t compare yourself with others try to be unique. You can get that shine and bounce in your hair naturally without spends thousands on hair treatments and salons. So here is a humble list of vitamins which are essential for hair. Enriching hair with these essential vitamins is going to garner faster and healthier hair growth too.

8Vitamin A

Vitamin A is very important for the growth of all types of cells. It helps the skin glands in making sebum, an oily substance that humidifies scalp and keeps hair healthier. The main sources of vitamin A are:  Sweet potatoes, spinach and carrots.