Kanye West Surpasses Drake on Forbes Richest Rappers 2019 List


Back in the days and exactly 2007, Jay-Z made a bold statement in a song about his future financial fortunes he said ‘I’m already the G.O.A.T. next stop is the Billie’ Forbes announce him hip-hop’s first billionaire and ranking of hip-hop’s richest stars in the entire world.

Shortly after declaring that JAY-Z has become the first hip hop billionaire, the answer is who is next?  The answer is almost one of the bright names we listed below. Undoubtedly Forbes aims to answer such questions or at least, offer a reasonable estimate based on where everyone’s fortunes presently stand. The list is, as you might expect, amassed using financial documents, valuing main assets, and consulting with experts dragged from industry insiders, attorneys, and analysts.

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