Here’s what Happened If You do 50 Burpees or 2-Minute Plank Every Day For 30 Days


Back in my day when I was in college my coach at gym asked who wanted to try a plank challenge, my hand shot up; one great thing I learned from this little challenge is obviously awesome. It was fun! That’s why i made a decision on difficult myself to carry a 2-minute plank daily for fourteen days to examine if i would observe any physical or mental variations by the tip. I was absolutely feeling some toned andstrong abdominal muscles. In other hand my running partner tagged me in a comment to join the burpees challenge as well. This recent burpees challengehowever, was . . . not as fun. But I noticed a huge improvement in my overall fitness after we did it.  We did 50 burpees a day for 30 days.

Here are some things to expect on your own plank and burpees challenge.

4You Can Modify It

Tip number one for these experiments: you can make it your own. I set mine to be 50 burpees a day for 30 days and 2-minute plank challenge because it felt like something I could do every day. Hard, but not that bad. Moreover, try to pick a position that feels just challenging enough for your body and make you comfortable to avoid injuries. I started this challenge during a high plank, however some days in, i made a decision it had been not difficult enough, thus I pull down myself to AN elbow plank and eventually perceived somewhat little bit of difficult and muscle shaking.