Proven Ways to Grow a Thicker Beard Faster and Better


Nowadays, one of the many common dreams men have is to grow an attractive beard. Some men are blessed with fast-growing facial hair, while others still struggling with slow-growing. The more sensitive you are to testosterone, the thicker your beard grows, because facial hair grows depends mostly on genetics, but if you are worried for your beard to come in, there are proven ways how you can grow a thicker beard faster and better to maximize growth rate and fullness. To have an attractive beard quicker, take care of your face by cleaning and exfoliating properly, take vitamins such as biotin or other supplements that encourage hair growth, and don’t shave your beard as it starts growing in, leave it alone. Do Women Prefer Men With Beards? We already know that Beard is a symbol of masculinity and has been for thousands of years. Women find beards attractive because it gives off so many positive vibes, power, courage, wisdom, confidence and masculinity.

If you’re still having trouble growing a beard, or if your beard isn’t thicker as you like, it can be disappointing. But take heart men. We are here to help. We’ve solutions that can help you to make your dream come true. So, let’s start, how to grow an attractive beard.


OK, before we dive into the how to of growing a heavier beard and talk about time. Time is maybe your ally regarding beard growth. So is patience. If you can practice patience and give your beard time to grow, you will be amazed aftermath. And it all starts with one month. If you can give yourself four weeks. It’s going to help you grow a thicker beard. You have toleave it grows for a minimum four weeks before you can truly evaluate its status. Never, ever, surrender on your beard after two weeks simply because it looks scraggly, patchy, or like another adjective you prefer. Growing a beard is like accomplishing a lot of good things in life.

Let’s break down the four weeks:


It’s not what you do throughout the first week of facial hair growth but what you don’t do. Indeed, it’s not only feels strange on your face, especially if it’s your first time growing a beard, but it may also look weird. What you can do, however, is start using beard oil. Applying oil makes your beard look and feel healthier. Beard oil is your closest ally. And don’t touch razor! If you want the hair to come in quickly, leave it alone while it grows.