Soy is the most nutritious plant-based alternative to cow’s milk


Soy milk is the qualified drink in a new comparison of the nutritional value of cow milk alternatives; according to a group of researchers at McGill University. This studylooks at the four most commonly consumed types of plant-based beverages around the world_ soy milk, coconut milk almond milk and rice milk_ and their nutritional values compare to cow’s milk. Doubtless cow’s milk is still the most nutritious of all, complete food, providing all major nutrients like fat, carbohydrates and proteins. It has considerably reduced risk of fever and respiratory infections. But soy milk comes second and is clearly “winner” the best of the vegetable drinks.

4Soy milk the most balanced nutritional:

Soy milk is widely consumed for its health benefits in addition it has been a substitute for cow’s milk and had the most balanced nutritional, with lots of protein and the presence of phytonutrients that give it anti-carcinogenic properties.  One setback is that some people don’t like its taste, unlike most beverages from plant sources.