Stress During Quarantine Can Affect Your Dog or Cat


What Are the indications of Stress in Pets?

There are several signs of stress that owners may be observing since quarantining with their pets. Ask the pet owner if they have noticed any of these signals in their pets.

Signs of Stress in Cats

• Decreased food intake

• Hiding

• Changes in litterbox usage

• Gastrointestinal changes

• Increased grooming (and increased hairballs)

Signs of Stress in Dogs

• Gastrointestinal changes

• Decreased appetite

• Less playful and lazy

• Alterations in barking

• Aggression behavior

• Destructive chewing (pillows, couch, household, and shoes, etc.)

• licking themselves too much

Veterinary staff must be aware and explain to pet owners that these indicators may be symptomatic of increased anxiety levels in the home in this pandemic period. At the same time, many of these signs might be indicative of an underlying condition which the veterinary team should skip out prior to suggesting behavior enhancing.

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