That’s why dog owners are different than others


Dogs are a shoulder to cry on, an exercise partner, an alarm clock and a true member of the family. To study differences between dog owners and non-owners, dog owners are healthier, happier. But the positives don’t stop there. Owning a pet can lower your blood pressure, make efficient your immunity and even decrease your risk of heart attack and stroke, it can lowering depression, anxiety and stress. And it is true that a lot of studies have reported that pet owners have better physical and mental health than people who do not live with companion animals.

There are few good advantages of spending time with pets :

8They Help You to Practice Exercise

Several studies have shown pet owners especially dog owners get more exercise on average than people who do not have pets. Research by the National Institutes of Health shown that more than two thousands adults who walked their dogs on a regular basis were in better shape, healthier and were less likely to be become fat or obese, than those who did own a dog.