The First Once Upon a Deadpool trailer shows Ryan Reynolds Kidnaps Fred Savage


Once Upon a Deadpool trailer was dropped on Monday for a Christmas special and Fans of Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds are spinning out after this new trailer was released. trailer shows a skeptical 42-year-old Savage bristling at the idea of being in the movie.

The Once Upon a Deadpool trailer has finally released, and will give fans a family-friendly version of the most contentious and obvious superhero movie in history. The movie, came out just in time for Christmas, is basically a PG-13 rated version of Deadpool 2, which hit theatres in May. And will feature much of the film’s original footage but what makes the Deadpool trailer  upcoming release uniquely interesting is that it seems as if it’ll also feature at least a brand new scenes featuring one Kevin Arnold. In addition distinguished is that Marvel Studios is allegedly using Once Upon a Deadpool as a test run to  Measure how successfully the studio is able to fold Deadpool into its larger cinematic universe which has always tilted more family-friendly.

“Fox has been asking for a PG-13 primarily since the beginning in 2006,” Ryan Reynolds told Deadline. “I’ve said no since 2006. Now, this just one occasion, I said ‘Yes’ on 2 conditions. First, a little of the proceeds had go to charity to help homeless people . Second, I wanted to abduction Fred Savage, This condition took some explaining”

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